Lee Brice is getting used to falling asleep on the job again

One of Lee Brice‘s favorite things to do is perform in front of his fans, night after night. But after more than a year off of the road, Lee admits it has been a bit of a challenge to remember how to put on a live show.

“I had to kind of learn how to sleep on a moving loud bus again, which, it’s different cause you got used to sleeping in the still bed,” Lee tells The Country Daily.

“Another thing is that even when I get on, I’m about to go on stage I’m thinking ‘Okay I got all these songs that I’ve sang a million times and I’m like wait a minute…what’s the second verse?’ he adds. “You’re almost afraid you’re going to get up there and maybe forget lyrics to something that you’ve sang a million times.”

Lee is currently celebrating a top-five single with “Memory I Don’t Mess With.” The song is from his 2020 Hey World album.

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