Kathy Wilkerson, RMP
Lakes Media Business Manager

As Business Manager, Kathy Wilkerson holds one of the most important positions in the company.  Kathy not only handles the commercial logs and billing for four LMN  stations, she also manages company-wide acccounts payable, payroll and benefits administration and is the personal assistant to company President Tom Birch.  Unofficially (and most importantly), Kathy is the company's "den mother"!

Kathy is a native of Granville County, NC, attended J.F. Webb High School in Oxford and earned a certificate in Business Administration from Vance-Granville Community College.  She is a Certified Notary Public with 26 years of bookkeeping experience.

Kathy a member of Stovall Methodist Church and has been involved in SMC activities from youth to choir and the worship committee.  She currently resides in Stovall, NC.

Reach Kathy at (919) 693-7900 x 230 or email kathywilkerson@lakesmediallc.com.